This Volunteer Department’s Got It Figured Out with Ed Dolan and Shawn Heppner

How would you define success in a volunteer department?

Would it be recruiting and retention?

Or how about solid leadership?

Maybe response time?

Today, we’re going to talk about a department that meets all of those criteria.

It’s called Ulster Hose 5, and it’s found in New York’s Hudson Valley near the city of Kingston.

Ninety members respond from their homes. And they cover 1,500 calls a year with an average time to response of 3 minutes.

If you’re struggling just to get members to show up for runs, you’ll want to pay attention.

Back again on Code 3 to explain how they do it is Ed Dolan. He’s been studying Ulster Hose 5 and has some interesting insights. Ed’s a member of the Catskill Fire Department in New York for 30 years, and he’s served more than half that time as a chief officer.