Fitness: Don’t Just Say It, Do it! with Dan Kerrigan


A few years back, in 2015, the NFPA said that just 27 percent of fire departments had a basic firefighter fitness and health program, and that was down from 30 percent in 2010.

My guest today says that the time has come for the fire service to prioritize the health and wellness of its firefighters on a national level. 

It’s time to stop talking about how important firefighter fitness is and start doing something about it.

Here to explain why is Dan Kerrigan.

Dan is a 32-year veteran of the fire service. He is Chief Fire Marshal and department fitness coordinator for the East Whiteland Township Fire Department in Pennsylvania.

Dan is a certified peer fitness trainer, and co-author of the book, Firefighter Functional Fitness.

Dan’s article: Priorities

Article: Four Fundamentals of Firefighter Functional Fitness

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Trivia question:

What is the practical flow limit for 1-and-3/4 inch hose that will maintain a reaction force in the range of 45 – 75 lbs?


200 gallons per minute.