Don’t Shortcut Your Training with Benjamin Martin

When you did your early training, did you make a lot of mistakes?

If so, you likely learned more from the screw-ups than anything else. It was valuable experience.

And hard to replace effectively.

But the guest on this episode says a lot of today’s younger firefighters are short-cutting that training— and missing the point—by using the internet.

Benjamin Martin is a lieutenant with a large metro fire department in Virginia.

With over sixteen years in public safety, he speaks around the country on leadership.

He’s the owner of the leadership training company Embrace The Resistance.

Benjamin’s article: Artificial Experience: Shortcutting Today’s Fire Service

Trivia question:
NFPA 220 classifies buildings into five classes. What type is wood frame construction?

The NFPA 220 classification for wood frame construction is type 5.