Three-person engine crews with Jeff Bryant, Jr., and Scott Freitag

In between the FDNY’s four- and five-person engine crews and volunteer department rigs staffed by two, there are a lot of departments that put three in the seats for calls.

It may seem to be a problem for those agencies that have more personnel.

But this level of staffing is their reality, and many agencies work with it.

If a three-man crew is new to you, then you’ll want to hear from today’s guest.

Jeff Bryant Jr. is a firefighter/paramedic with the Aurora, Illinois Fire Department. He is a third-generation firefighter who has served in the fire service since 2007. He is a co-owner of Fire Factory LLC and part of FireNuggets Inc., a nonprofit training organization.

Then, we speak with Scott Freitag.

He’s the chief of the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority.

He’s also the president of the Arizona Fire Chiefs Association.

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